Antique Shop Negatives, 1930s-1950s

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Antique-Shop-Negatives-2 -Envelope.jpg

These negatives were purchased at an antique shop in 2009. Most appear from the mid-1930s, while a few large-format color negatives look 1950s.

Flower trellis on house.
Woman with Dalmatian.
Woman with Dalmatian.
Bending over, pulling weeds.
Family in snowy driveway.
Person with rifle.
Man with roto-tiller.
Couple by firepit.
Man and child on International catepillar.
Woman working in garden.
Two older couples in yard.
Changing tire on mountain road.
Old couple by front door.
Mountain lake.
Baby in sink, chewing washcloth.
Mother and child on lawn.
Mother, child, and dog on lawn.