Antique Shop Negatives, 1930s

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Antique-Shop-Negatives-1 -Negative-Envelope.jpg

These images were purchased at an antique shop in February, 2009. Most appear to be taken in the same setting at the same time, with two oddballs. All appear to have been taken in the 1930s. I originally thought 1920s, but a sharp-eyed reader advised elsewhise.

A woman, a man, and a baby.
A man and a baby.
A woman holding a baby.
A baby walking in a front yard.
Three women holding a baby.
Family posing in the front yard.
Two women, a man, and a baby.

The following images were in the same negative folder, but are a different size and appear to have been taken at a different time.

A nicely dressed woman, by a lilac bush.
A woman sitting with an elderly couple.