1940s Studio Organization, 20th Century Fox

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The following diagrams outline the structure of the 20th Century Fox film studio in the 1940s. The charts detail everything from the highest to the most menial of positions at the studio, from the catering through the legal department. They appear in approximately the same order as they appeared in the book they were scanned from.

Workflow Diagrams

Studio-wide organization
Motion Picture Production and Control
Treasury Department
Production Departments
Art Department
Construction Department
Property Department
Wardrobe Department
Test Department
Makeup Department
Sound Department
Engineering Department
Mechanical Effects and Arsenal
Special Photographic Effects and Scenic Art
Process Department
Film Library
Transportation department
Legal department
Casting department
Editorial department
Scenario department
Music department
Industrial and public relations departments
Publicity department
Auditing department
Payroll department
Tabulating department
Studio police
Service department
Facilities maintenance
Script department
Research department

Union Relations

The following flowcharts were done in a different style from the rest, and directly address union relations between the 20th Century Fox studio and various labor organizations.

Labor organizations
Labor organizations