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In 1880, anticipating the presidential run of General Ulysses S Grant. Grant had already been president for two terms, and was hoping for a third; the Republican Party, however, nominated James A Garfied for the presidency instead.

The editorial staff of The Fargo Argus, however, felt quite strongly about Grant, and supported his candidacy during the first part of 1880. Starting with the March 17, 1880 edition, an editor composed a quirky, witty rhyming poem compiled from the national wire stories, culminating with a comment on Grant's presidential run. It was typeset in a reducing pyramid shape, which was unrelated to the rhyming structure of the poem.



A Reverend Gent in Richmond Town,1

By Forgery's Made a Livin',

But Being Dropped in

He Admits, He's wil-

ling to be For-


Fiend in Wayensfille, O - hi - o, Scarce

any Crime Could Match It, Con-

structs and Angel from

His Wife, With His Lit-

the Hatchet.3

Belva Lockwood Takes A Whack4

Facts to a Senator Slammin',

Says it's not His only Case;

That He Is Ben-


Minneapolis Beer Mill Blaze5--Ocean

Steamer Stranded6--Slippery

Crook Four Stories Drops7,

and Leaves the Cops

Bare Handed.

Shout our War Cry o'er The World,

Every One that this sees;

Yankee Doodle Rides the

Boom, His Other Name's


The footnotes are direct links to the particular articles referenced in the rhyme.

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