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A writer for The Science Program.

Profile from The Science Service

Charles L. Sherman is one of the originators and general editor of the Science Program, an editor of Nelson Doubleday & Co. Inc, and a professional photographer of ten years standing. He is the Editor of Nature's Wonders in Full Color and co-author and chief photographer of Flowers of the World in Full Color, a monumental work featuring over 600 color transparencies.

At one time he has owned and used as many as eleven cameras -- everything from a Minox to an 8x10 view camera, but his favorite is still the Leica IIIG. He rarely goes anywhere without two of them and about six interchangeable lenses. Like most photographers with a large family he has made a hobby of photographing his children and grandchildren. However, he uses a Rube Goldberg-looking but custom built electronic flash unit to provide an exposure of 1/1500th second to stop all motion and catch the most fleeting expressions in portrait photography. Some of these high speed photographs are used to illustrate this volume.[1]

Science Program Books By Charles Sherman

An Approach to Photography


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