Fargo Argus - Grant News Poetry, April 1880

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April 7, 1880


Her Majesty's Ship Bacchante, as a
Floating Aquarium Sails, Be-
cause She has on Board,
You see, a Couple of
Little Wales.

The Injuns Again are on it, and the
Wild Frontier it Riles; They
Again must Learn the
Lesson That Bad Medi-
cine's Paddy Miles.

The B. & O. Have Wages Raised, for
the Same Longshoreman Try.
Poor Wieniawsky's Gone
Aloft, to Fiddle in
the Sky.

And Being Lately From the Earth,
Perhaps He'll Play This Chant:
"If You Want to be an
Angel, You Must Toot
Your Horn for


Indian Outbreak

Bismarck, April 5.--The Indians in the vicinity of Ferry Point have been getting restless, as the grass has lengthened. They are viciously inclined, Companies E. and C. of the Second cavalry have had an engagement with the hostiles thirty-five miles south of the Point. The troops captured forty-eight ponies but the Indians escaped. One soldier was killed and two wounded. General Miles was on his way east with a small escort, when hearing of the fight he halted and will return to punish the hostiles as soon as he can ger reinforcements. Sensational and exaggerated reports are understood to have been sent to the eastern papers regarding this affair, but the foregoing is all there is in it.

On His Ear

Washington, April 5.--In his remarks before the house, to-day, congressman Springer said: "I do not believe that Finley has any authority to speak for Mr. Tilden, but if he insists that he has authority, I want him to tell Tilden that I am not his friend; that I propose to decide this case upon the law and the facts, as I understand them, and that I will not be dictated to by anybody." On the delivery of this, there was a great applause on the republican side of the house.

Homestead and Pre-emption

Washington, April 5.--The Senate to-day passed the bill amending certain sections of the revised statues in relation to settlers. It provides that settlers may make affidavits on pre-emption and homestead entries before county clerks, instead of register and receiver of land district, thus equalizing the provisions of the law in this respect.


New York, April 5.--H.M.S. Bacchante having on board princes Albert Victor and George Frederick, of Wales, arrived at Bermuda on Monday. A rule has been made that princes are not to receive public honors, hence there is a lack of demonstration.

Another Indian Row

Fort Custer, Montana, April 5.--Captain Huggins, with two companies of cavalry, found the Indians who stole the ponies from the Crow scouts on the 24th, ultimo, and have corraled them in a deep gulch, where they are holding them until they surrender.

Anti-Free Lunch

Washington, April 5.--In the Senate to-day, the Ute agreement being under discussion, Mr. Dawes spoke in opposition, saying that the bill provided for the support of 4,000 persons for an indefinite time, and would cost $4,000,000.

More Bribery

Washington, April 5.--In the House to-day Mr. Springer rose to a question of privilege, and charged H. H. Finley with writing him a letter offering him $5,000 to vote for Donnelly.

Not A Strike

Baltimore, April 5.--The wages of all employees on the Baltimore & Ohio railroad have been advanced 10 per cent.

The Bony Part

Paris, France, April 5.--Prince Jerome Napoleon, has declared against the unauthorised religious bodies.

A Strike

New York, April 5.--The longshoremen, in this city, have struck for 10 per cent advance.

Wine and Whisky

St Petersburg, April 5.--Wieniawski, the violinist, has just died at Moscow.

April 23, 1880


The Erie Canal has Busted Its

Straps--Gladstone Receives a

Knocher--About a Score off

Scotland's Shore are

Swept to "Jones's


The Dismal Swamp's in Fearful

Blaze--Hatch, Red Men Largely

Collars--The Town of Hull,

Its Loss in Full, is

Several Million


John and Jim, Those Champions

Grim, Believing Their Chances

Scant, Will Come Home Yet,

and Hedge, You Bet;

Wagging Their

Tales For


Later From Staunton

Staunton, Va, April 22--Gen. Wickham on being introduced as chairman, was greeted with tremendous applause and cheering. He said that he desired to present the name of Ge. U.S. Grant for president; with him, for a candidate they could be justly called "a solid south." Gen. Wickham was continuously and vociferously cheered during these remarks, and every mention of Grant's name caused a renewal of the "boom." Resolutions were adopted, endorsing Ulysses S. Grand, and instructing the delegates to vote unanimously for him at Chicago; adjourned at 4 o'clock.

Too Late.

Staunton, Va, April 22--The fourth resolution of the Virginia convention says: "that the republicans of Virginia earnestly request the Hon. James G Blaine to consent to accept the position of candidate for the vice presidency. The conjunction of these two honored and distinguished names on the same ticked would make it invincible."

Dismal Swamp Fire

Norfolk, Va., April 22--Tidings have been received here of the terrible work of fires in the swamps region of North Carolina. Houses have been burned and woods devastated. One family of five persons attempting to escape were overtaken by the flames and all burned to death.

The Georgia Trick

Atlanta, Ga., April 22--Smythe, the Blaine man who took the chair, yesterday, without being elected, managed to retain the position today. The convention elected a mixed delegation, a majority being for Grant, with a few Blain and Sherman men added.

Thugs in Thessaly

Rome, Italy, April 22--Thessaly is in a terrible state of brigandage. The country is over-run daily with new murders and abductions. People are afraid to leave the towns, trade is suspended, and the civil and military authorities are powerless.

Natural Result

Montral, April 22--As Mr. Jordiner, book-keeper for Messrs McNamee & Co., was about leaving this city for Buffalo, today, he stepped from the Pullman car, for a moment , to speak to Miss McNamee, and in his absence his satchel, containing $15,000, was stolen.

Hatching Mischief

Tuscon, April 22--General Hatch, comcentrating his forces after the fight of the 7th Inst, surrounded Mescalera agency, and captured four hundred and sixty warriors. The Indians were disarmed. Much stolen stock was retaken.

Naval Appropriation

Washington, April 22--The house today adopted an amendment to the bill for the contingent expenses of the navy, increasing the approproation from $80,000 to $100,000.

Virginia Convention

Saunton, Va, April 22--The skirmish over the chairmanship lasted until 2 o'clock, when a straight Grant man was finally elected permanent chairman.

His Native State

Springfield, Ill, April 22--Gen. Grant, in response to a non-partisan invitation to visit Springfield, says that he will do so probably early in May.

Departed Towpath

Utica, NY, April 22--A break occired in the Erie canal today west of this place, the water bursting through the sides and flooding the surrounding country.

On The Pacific

Sacramento, Cal, April 22--Recent heavy rains have caused a rise in the Sacramento river, which is overflowing its banks and doing considerable damage.

Unfriendly to Gladstone

London, April 22--The queen has accepted the resignation of Lord Breaconsfield and has sent for the Marquis of Hartington and Earl Granville.

Strike Ended

Cohoes N.Y., April 22--The strike of the Harmony mills has ended, and the strikers have returned to their work, on the old basis.

The Hull Losses

Ottawa, Ont, April 22--The losses by the Hull fire will amount to between two and three million dollars; no insurance.

Gale in Scotland

Edinburgh, April 22--Nineteen fishermen were drowned of the Scotch coast in yesterday's gale.

The Patent Office

Washington, April 22--E.M. Moberly was today nominated to be commissioner of patents.

April 28, 1880


Little Streaks of Lightning, Little

Nubs of News, Make the Sleep-

iest Husband Get up

and Peruse.

Little Canuk Councils, Envy in

Their Wigs, Ostracise Our

Cattle, and Like-

wise Our


Little Sailor Alfred Compliments

Our Acts, Oleomargarine is

Liable to Tax.

Little Mississippi, Has a Small Cy-

clone, Twenty-Two are

Slaughtered; Num-

ber Hurt Un-


And the Little Minutes, Humble tho'

They be, Bring us Near the

Time of President

U. S. G.

Mississippi's Tornado

Macon, Miss, April 26--A heavy storm passed over this place last night, blowing away twenty-two houses, including the M. & O. roundhouse, machine shops, depot, and master mechanic's office. A train of sixteen cars was blown from the track and seventeen persons killed and twenty-two wounded. The loss of property is not less than $100,000, Six or eight physicians have started from Meridien to attend to the sufferers.

Corkscrew Compliments

Cor, Ireland, April 26--At a luncheon given here today by the Cork yacht club, the duke of Edinburough proposed the health of the captain of the Constellation, paying a graceful compliment to the American nation; to all of which the captain briefly responded.

Little Buttercup

Washington, April 26--Mr. Thomas introduced a bill in the house today, to amend the internal revenue law so as to impose a tax of ten cents perpound on every package of oleomargarine, or imitation of butter.


Washington, April 26--Senator Jones, of Nevada, is addressing the Senate tonight on the Kellogg-Spofford case, and reminding the brigadiers of a number of things calculated to make them uncomfortable.

Neptune's Tax

London, April 26--The Spanish barque Elvira, has been washed ashore at the Maderia. The bodies of four of the crew have been recovered, and it is feared that the rest were lost.

Convenience Council

Ottawa, Ont, April 26--The privy council today passed an order prohibiting the importation of neat cattle and swine to Canada from the United States.


London, April 26--The Rev. Thos. Rawson, of Berkshire, an eminent theological and scientific writer, is here paralysed and has been unconscious for a week.

Dominion Floods

Quebec, Can, April 26--The St Charles river, at this place, is higher than it has been for forty years. Several bridges have been carried away.

Gentle Assassins

Rome, Italy, April 26--Many persons have arrested in Leghorn, charged with complicity in the assassination of Signor Giovanni Ferrenza.

The Three Links

Columbis, O., April 26--The Odd Fellows have celebrated the sixty-third anniversary of the Odd-Fellowship in America, bu a grand hop here tonight.

The Curse of Canada

Oakville, Ont, April 26--A violent wind, rain, and hail storm passed over this section this afternoon. Houses were unroofed, barns destroyed, and trees uprooted.