Fargo Argus - Grant News Poetry, June 1880

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June 2, 1880


A Ship It is a Sailing, Sailing, O'er
the Sea, and It is Deeply
Laden With Items
All for Thee.

News of Battles In the Cabin, and of
Injuns In the Hold, the Sales
were 'lection Marshals
the Masts were Sher-
man's Gold.

Forty Thousand Sailors Flocking
to the Show, Forty Thou-
sand Stalwarts all
for Chicago.

The Captain was a Gen'ral, the
Convention in His Pant, and
Every Time He Said
"Thumbs up" the Del-
egates Said


A Ten-Cent Fight

New York, May 28--Advices recieved here report a severe fight near Tacua between the Chilian cavalry and a division of Peruvian cavalry and infantry. The latter were severely handled, the infantry cut to pieces, and many prisoners taken. A large torpedo in process of construction at Anoen, Peru, accidentally exploded, demolishing the factory and killing every inmate and none others, and leveling twelve adjoining buildings.

Winnipeg Explosion

Winnipeg, May 28--An explosion occured to-day in the saw-mill here of Jarvis & Bennsinger. The mill was totally demolished, and heavy fragments of iron were thrown a hundred feet away. Robert Dougall, foreman, was instantly killed; James Cross, engineer, and Samuel Dill, were fatally injured. Five others were severay and several slightly injured.

Gathering The Clans

Chicago, May 28--A great many delegates arrived at Chicago to-day. Among the notables are O.H. Booth, Judge Hunt, Marshall Jewell, Pinchback, and ex-covernor Warmeth. A grand Grant meeting is announced to be held at the Exposition building Monday, which promises to be the greatest ever held in Chicago.

Soldiers Not Bilks

Washington, May 28--A memorial was presented to the senate to-day from 220 Iowa ex-soldiers, protesting against the Weaver bill, which provides for paying soldiers the difference between gold and the coin value of the greenbacks, in which they were paid during the war; referred. The senate adjourned to Monday.

Hatch's Fight

Washington, May 28--A dispatch to the war department confirms the report of Gen. Hatch's fight with Victorio. It says that Kramer, who was with him May 26th, reports more killing since the affair, in which fifty-five Indians were killed. No particulars as yet.

Still Rebellious

Washington, May 28.--The house to-day passed an appropriation of $650,000 to pay marshals and their general deputies, except for services of the latter rendered at elections. Mr. Hiscock moved to strike out the exception; rejected. Adjourned to Monday.

Reward of Merit

Louisville, Ky., May 28--The Kentucky distilling company have named their new distillery "The Carlisle," in comment to the Jon. John Carlisle for his services in behalf of the whisky interest of the state.

Blained Hot

New York, May 28.--Five deaths from sunstroke occurred in this city to-day, and many cases of prostration are reported.

Decoration Day

Washington, May 28.--Congress adjourned today over Sunday on account of Decoration day.

Shrunk Out

Chattanooga, May 28.--The shrinkage in iron has compelled Vulcan iron and nail works here to go into bankruptcy.

Was It Sherman?

Washington, May 28.--The treasury was robbed of $2,000 to-day.

June 2, 1880

Byfour The Battle.

The Equine Dark Appears at Last,
by Milton Turner Groomed,
Who Thinks to Have a
Colored Vice, by Dele-
gates Assumed.

Some British Tars Who Sale the
Blue, Cremate Themselves With
Oil. Liberian Emigrants
Set Sail, 'neath Tor-
rid Skies to

Four Points There Be, the Game
Within, for Victory Quite
Enough--Conkling Has
High, and Don Holds
Low, While Jack's
Up Logan's

By Playing These Right Carefulee,
So Count the Kickers Can't, the
Other "Pint" is Ours
You Bet, To-witly,
Game and


Elijah's Chariot

Philadelphia, May 30.--Some seamen of the British ship Sophia were amusing themselves yesterday in the oil room of the vessel, when one of the number went to the cook's galley, heated a poker red hot, returned and flourished it around. This failing to cause a stampede, he thrust the poker at a barrel of herosene. An explosion followed, covering two persons with burning oil. Three jumped overboard and were drowned. The others were burned to death.

Tempus Fugit

Chicago, May 30--To-day passed busily at the various headquarters here. There will be two meetings to-morrow night. The Grand meeting has secured the best speakers. The anti-Grant meeting has not so far been able to obtain any orators of character. J Milton Turner, of St Louis, to-day opened headquarters for the advancement of senator Bruce's chances for the vice-presidency.

Still Coming

Chicago, May 30.--Among the distinguished arrivals to-day were senator Conkling, postmaster James, of New York, Wood and Fred Douglas.

Almost Persuaded

Glyndon, May 30.--Howard Bassett, a young lad, fell in a slough near here to-day. He was rescued but nearly downed, but is all right now. The event caused considerable excitement.

On Account of Voorhees.

Evansville, Ind., May 30.--A cyclone swept through the country northwest of here yesterday. Barns, hay presses and other buildings were blown down. Particulars not yet reported.

A Visitation

Cincinnati, May 30.--The Methodist general conference has placed the Episcopal visitation for Dakota at Yankton, July 30. Bishop Warner, of this city, will preside.

Floral Tribute

Chicago, May 30.--Decoration day was appropriately celebrated with a parade, and the cemeteries were profusely adorned with fresh flowers.

The French Races

Paris, France, May 30.--The grand national steeple chase at Auteuil was won to-day by Recruit. The race at Paris was on by Basque, Jacinthe second.

Leadville Strike

Leadville, Col., May 30.--The striking miners of the Chrysolite mine will return to work at three dollars per day. Everything is well prepared for defence, in case of violence.

A Lo Stiff

Denver, Col., May 30.--A Laramie special states that the report that Indians were committing depredations in North Park is unfounded.

Military Movements

Yankton, May 30.--The steamers Black Hills and Josephine are en route from this place to Fort Randall to transport the First Infantry, which is to be transferred to the South.

The Chilian War

Rio De Janeiro, May 29.--The Chilians have taken Tacuria, and are rapidly marching on Arica.


Philadelphia, May 30.--Ten thousand people participated in the memorial services of Decoration day.

Booked for Death

New York, May 30.--The barque Monrovia sailed yesterday for Liberia with a large party of emigrant refugees from Arkansas.

Honor the Brave

St. Louis, May 30.--The graves of the soldiers of the war were decorated with appropriate ceremonies.