Fargo Argus - Grant News Poetry, March 1880

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March 17, 1880


A Reverend Gent in Richmond Town,

By Forgery's Made a Livin',

But Being Dropped in

He Admits, He's wil-

ling to be For-


Fiend in Wayensfille, O - hi - o, Scarce

any Crime Could Match It, Con-

structs and Angel from

His Wife, With His Lit-

the Hatchet.

Belva Lockwood Takes A Whack

Facts to a Senator Slammin',

Says it's not His only Case;

That He In Ben-


Minneapolis Beer Mill Blaze--Ocean

Steamer Stranded--Slippery

Crook Four Stories Drops,

and Leaves the Cops

Bare Handed.

Shout our War Cry o'er The World,

Every One that this sees;

Yankee Doodle Rides the

Boom, His Other Name's


Horrible Crime

Cincinnati, March 14--A Waynesville special says that a brutal murder was discovered there this evening. Gideon Carson and his wife have been living for the past winter in an old house on the outskirts of the village. Carson was intemperate and in ill health, and has a very violent temper when drunk. At six o'clock this evening a young man who wanted Mrs. Carson to do some washing rapped at the door. Not receiving any response he entered and found the room in a litter of confusion. Mrs Carson laid on the front end of the bed murdered. A portion of her left cheek had been cut off, and the fatal blow had evidently been given with a hatchet. The husband was found in the back part of the house, in a drunken stupor, and was taken to jail. He said that he knew his wife was dead; that she had been killed at about two o'clock, but did not know who did it.

Capital Notes

Washington March 14--Representative Keifer Saturday presented a minority report, in favor of Washburn, at the meeting of the House election committee. The House committee on judiciary ordered a trademark bill to be reported to the House which will fullfill the treaty obligations on the subject of trademarks with foreign countries. Secretary Schurz submitted in the house and senate committees on Indian affairs the draft of a bill to carry into effect the provisions of his agreement with the Ute Indians. The bill proposes to appropriate $50,000 yearly, interest on a capital $1,250,000 in consideration of the relinquishment of the Ute reservation.

Joined The Gang

Richmond Va, March 14--It has been discovered that Dr Luther R Dickinson, editor of the Planter and Farmer, has been a systematic forger for a long time. He has used forged endorsements of the firm of Jetter & Dickinson, proprietors of the Religious Herald, and of the Rev Dr Taylor, Baptist missionary to Rome, Italy. Dickinson might have continued his criminal operations for some time longer, but the death of the Rev Mr Jetter, senior member of the firm, made investigation and detection certain. He left the city Thursday and has not been heard from since.

Heavy Marine Loss

London March 14--The steamer Montana from New York March 2, is on the rocks in Church bay. The mails and passengers have been saved. The Montana struck at about three o'clock Saturday morning, during a dense fog. The steamer is the largest ship of the Williams & Gulon line except the steamer Arizona. She carries a full cargo of grain and provisions. It is thought that she will become a total wreck, but it is hoped that some of the cargo may be saved.

The Parson Squeals

Richmond, Va March 14--The Reverend Dr Dickinson has turned up and decided to make a full confession to his friends and creditors, of fraud and forgery, in the vain hope of extricating himself from the scrape, which he claims was caused by bad management. He solemnly promised to devote the remainder of his life to the payment of every indebtedness, and invokes charitable judgment and lenient treatment from all connected with his offence.

Might Have Ben

Washington March 14--MRs. Belva A Lockwood the female attorney for Jessie Raymond, in her late seduction suit, has published an open letter to Senator Ben Hill, who has denounced her as a party to a blackmailing conspiracy, in which she alleges that in addition to the destruction of Miss Raymond, she has evidence that he has desstroyed the peace of other families.

Assassins Encouraged

London, March 14--Reuter telegrams state that The Journal de St Petersbourg announces that fresh documents have been found which clearly prove Hartmann's complicity in the Moscow assassination conspiracy. It expresses regret that the decision of the French cabinet will amount, practically, to a strong encouragement of the assassins.

Talk About Cold!

Victoria BC, MArch 14--Cattle, sheep, horses, and pack trains are perishing with fearful rapidity all throughout the upper country. It is believed that nearly all the live sock will perish before spring. The loss allready is estimated at a million dollars. Snow is three to four feet deep with no present prospect of a thaw.

Land Leaguers

Dublin March 14--There was a large meating, today, in this city, of the Irish land league, Davitt, Dalley, Brennan, and Killian, under indictments for seditious utterances, were present. The American flag was conspicuously displayed at the meeting.

Slippery Jones

Mansfield, O., March 14-- Ewdard E Jones, arrested in Chicago for forgery, and brought to this place for trial, escaped last night by letting himself down from a fourth story window of the hotel. He had $20,000 of forged notes in his possession when arrested.

Wisconsin's Ramark

Madison, Wis, March 14-- The state senate yesterday, by a vote of twelve to fourteen, rehected the joint resolution to prohibit, after 1890, the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquor except native wines and beer.

Weary O'Leary

San Francisco, March 14--The closing score yesterday at 7p.m. at the O'Leary-Weston march, was O'Leary 516 miles; Weston 490 miles.

Radical Luck

Paris , France, March 14--The elections to fill the vacancies in the senate held today have resulted in the return of Millare and Vallin, radicals.

Sad Loss.

Minneapolis, March 14--The brewery of Gottlieb Glyck was burned there this morning. Loss, $20,000; insured for $3,000.

Steamer Arrivals

London, March 14--The steamships City of Montreal and Lessinge have arrived out.

March 17th, 1880


It's Bad Wid Livers Wake and

Woire, but Dennis Kearney

Has 'em; He Backed Square

Down in Frisco Town

and Straddled the

Bloody Chasm

Chicago's Mollies Resoloot, if More

Pigtails They Find, They'll

Murder Every One, and so

They Will, Just in

Their Mind

An Indian Scare Up Big Horn Way,

Has Raised the Very Deuce.

The Frightened Folks are

Fleeing to the Valley

of the Goose.

At Fifty Off He Was, You Bet

Our Favorite Maiden Aunt,

His Father Kept a Leather

Shop, His Name Was

U.S. Grant

Too High For Dizzy

London, March 15th - In the house of lords this evening, Viscount Browne, liberal conservative, enquired if it was not the duty of the government to take measures to prevent meetings whose avowed object was to encourage tenants in the nonpayment of their just debts. Lord Benconsfield demonstrated the uselessness of applying to parliment for fresh powers. He understood that the anti-landlord demonstration was decreasing.

The White Feather

San Francisco, March 15--There was a large meeting at the Sand Lots this afternoon. Kearney backed water and invited citizens to attend the Workingmen's meetings. He said that the Workingmen's association was alone for the purpose of ameliorating the condition of the city. Mayor Kallock followed taking the same view.

Indian Outbreak

Big Horn Post office March 15--There is great excitement north of us, in consequence of the late news regarding the indians. GHeneral Miles sends word from Ford Custer that the Crows have made a treaty with the Sioux. Settlers west of the Tongue river are concentrating in Goose Creek Valley for mutual protection. A widespread outbreak is feared and expected.

The Bloody Chasm

San Francisco, March 15--Workingmen's representatives and a number of prominent citizens, brokers, and merchants, had a two-hour's conference today. It is believed that within two or three days, the questions which have so long disturbed the community and caused antagonism between the classes will be amicably and honorably settled.

Capital News

Washington, March 15--In the house today the resolution of the Kentucky legislature was presented, asking for a reduction of the president's salary to $25,000. Also a bill reducing the cost of taking up pre-emptions and homesteads. Also a bill appropriating $25,000 to improve the Yellowstone National Park.


Washington, March 15--In the senate today senator Bayard, from the judiciary committee, introduced a bill prohibiting the arrest of election officers on election day. Senator Thurman, from the same committee, presented a bill making the crime of rape within the District of Columbia punishable by death.

Indian Massacre

Denver, Col. March 15--A private letter from Silverton, dated March 9th, brings news of a terrible Indian massacre near Blue mountains. The names of twelve men are given who were well known at Silverton, and who were among the killed.

The Red Flag

Chicago, March 15--The socialists of this city held a meeting tonight on the Chinese question, and adopted ultra resolutions against celestial traditions(?) threatening dire things in case they should come to Chicago in numbers.

Singular Accident

Philadelphia, March 15--There was a collision on the Western railway this evening. Several officials on a special train coming in are reported to have been injured. Particulars not recieved.

Cheeky Strike

Buffalo, March 15--The puddlers in the rolling mills here today, who were recieving $5.50 per day, struck for $6.25. An extra police force is on duty at the works.

Good News

Washington March 15--The senate committee have unanimously decided to report favorably in regard to the extension of time asked for by the Northern Pacific Railroad

Box The Wires

Washington, March 15--A bill was introduced in the house today, to protect the telegraph companies from search for and siezure of messages.

New Cable

London March 15--It is now settled that a new cable is to be laid, during the comming summer, connecting America and England.

March 30, 1880


The Democrats to Cut the Pay of

Everyone Would Like; And

Fear is Felt Lest Schurz

and Hayes Should

Go Out on a


A Wretched Indian Slaughter Down

in New Mexico, is Proof the

Pleasant Butchers to


Want to


Quite Half Superior City By Flame

Has Been Gone Through - Ten

Thousand Men of Chili

Have Landed

In Peru.

A Fishy Bostom Rumor, Which Died

On The Instant, Announced

That He Had Quit The

Fight. Do You

Think That




Destructive Fire

Superior City, Wis, March 26--A fire at 3pm today destroyed the principal part of this town. Among the buildings burned were the Coddington block, and buildings adjoining, the Sheridan House, Anderson's block, Lord's saloon, Sheridan's tin shop, Brook's grocery store, Sanders' tailor shop, and the post office. There was not any insurance worth mentioning. The loss cannot be estimated tonight.

A Fishy Story

Boston, March 26--The Boston Advertiser says that it has a dispatch from Washington announcing that Gen. Grant will withdraw from the presidential contest. The report is not credited in this city, as it is similar to many that have been sent abroad, and traced to the Blaine headquarters in Washington.

A Legal Question

Cohoes NY, March 26--The striking spinners of the Harmony Mills were oaid off today, the company retaining two weeks' wages, under an agreement made on employing the hands, requiring two weeks' notice of an intention to quit work. The legality of this action will be tested in the courts.

Reservation for sale

Denver, Col, March 26--A dispatch recieved today says that Indians attached a party of six men near Santa Barbara, New Mexico, killing all. They also attacked the village of San Jose, but were driven off. No depaedations of consequence had been committed at latest advices.


New York March 26--A dispatch from Peru states that on the 26th of February a Chilian force of 10,000 men, with cavalry and abundant artillery, landed at Ito Peru. It is sixty miles north of Arica, where there is a Peruvian force of 10,000. An attack was momentarily expected.

Big Injun Me

Panama, March 26--The Columbians here say that they do not want any protection in the construction of the isthmus canal, and will not submit to any, either French of American, without striking back hard.

Docking the Wages

Washington, March 26--The house committee on salaries have under discission a bill for the general reduction of the salaries of government employees.

Squaring Up

Washington March 26--Senator Davis' bill authorizing the audit of all unpaid accounts in the Indian bureau was today agreed to.

To San Antonio

Galveston, March 26--General Grant and party left here today for San Antonio, and Gen Sheridan and party for Chicago.

A Life Sentence

St Paul, March 26--Mirde the Long Prairie murderer, was today convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for life.

March 30, 1880


Alas! Poor Agnes is Betrayed, and

Dion Proves a Rogue; She Says

He's Read up Meaner Parts

Than His "Arrah

Na Pogue."

Parnell Spoke in the Emerald Isle

His Land League to Recruit; But

Hungry Erin Only Gave

Him Groans and Bad


Two Ships are Sailing on the Blue,

Sounding with Lead and

Trawl; But the Isthmus

Natives Fear They

Mean to Eat That

Ship Canawl.

Withdrawl Stiffs, Becoming Old,

Blaine Knows Not How to

Slant; Bit a Brother-in-

Law's Passed in His

Chips--Of Course

That Settles


Very Like A Whale

New York March 29--A Panama dispatch states that two American ships of war being at Boze del Toro, engaged in deep sea soundings and surveys in a dark and mysterious manner, the secretary of state of the Colombian government has asked information on the subject from the United States consul. The latter has answered that he has not any advices from his government on the point. The feeling among the natives is intensified by the mystery of the affair.

Slippery Jim

New York, March 29--With regard to the report of Gen Grant's withdrawal, exminister Stoughton, of this city, a warm personal friend of the general, says that there is not the slightest probability that he will withdraw, but will undoubtedly accept the nomination in case it is tendered to him. Gen. Chester Arthur declares that the story is a ruse of Gen Grant's opponents, and it is pretty generally understood that it originated in the Blaine headquarters in Washington.

One Too Many

New York, March 29--Large meetings were held in this city this morning and evening for the purpose of establishing an American independent church,. Addresses were made by Father Quinn and several other ex-catholic priests. A communication was read from a priest who wrote that he was preparing to abandon the Roman communion, and was anxious to labor for the benefit of the poor, and the extension of the true principals of practical Christianity.

The Bennett Boom

Washington, March 29--Delegate Mennett, of Dakota, has reintroduced his territorial division and resurvey bills, with important charges in regard to the line of division, and setting apart Fort Rice and Lincoln reservations for the establishment of the Custer memorial college. His bills for increasing salaries of judges, and appropriating $30,000 for the erection of a penitentiary, are already on the calendar.

Skirmishing Fun

Dublin March 29--Parnell, attempting to speak today at Ennis Corthy, was received with yells, groans, and rotten eggs. He was hit in the face, caught around the waist and nearly hurled of the platform. The excitement was great, and Parnell have up the attempt to speak. The trouble came from the opposition to Parnell's course on the part of the people.

Moral Niagara

New York March 29--Mrs. Dion Bouciault, known better professionally as Agnes Robertson, has brought a suit for absolute divorce, against her husband, Dion Bouciault, alleging infidelity to his marital vows. The trial is likely to develope considerable scandal.

Struck It Big!

Montgomery, Ala, March 28--Some workingment digging a well bnear Birmingham, in this state, struck petroleum, which is now flowing at the rate of ninety barrels per day. There is great excitement in consequence.

More Fire Damp

Fairmount, W Va, March 29--Yesterday a fire damp explosion occurred in the Caston coal mines, at this place, by which two miners lost their lives, and a number of others were bruised and burned.

Struck Oil Again

Faxburg, Pa, March 29--During the thunder storm at this place last night, lightning struck a ten thousand barrel oil tank nearly full. It took fire and was a total loss.

Now He Will Withdraw

Jersey City, March 29--Abel Rathbone Corbin, brother-in-law of Gen Grant, died here to-day.