Loose Negatives

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These negatives were scattered around the bottom of the box that the better-packaged negatives were stored in. They mostly seem to be poorly-exposed 'rejects', which may not have worked well in the family photo album, but have an artistic charm of their own. Many appear to be duplicates of photos that had been seen in other albums.

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Horses at trough.
Horses at trough.
Man by trees.
Tow-headed baby.
Donkey by fence.
Colt in barnyard.
Horse and colt.
Horses in barnyard.
Horses in barnyard.
Horse by tractor.
Pony in yard.
Horse near barn.
Two horses in yard.
Black pony in yard.
Family in barnyard.
Men and cars.
Lone sheep.
Sheep in winter.
Sheep in winter.
Sheep in winter.
Sheep in winter.
Boy in overalls and cap.
Father and daughter.
Man in woman's hat.
Man in woman's hat.
Man shielding eyes.
Tom turkey in barnyard.
Two kids laughing.
Woman and girls posing.
Man leading horses.
Team of horses.
Girl with eyes closed.
Angry dog in snow.
Man and child by car.
Family photo.
Man near 1930s Ford.
Two teens posing.
Sleeping baby.
Girl by car.
Children playing with wagon.
Two women in front of house.
Man and girl in front yard.
Baby in garden.
Women, dog, Ford sedan.