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This was the third box I scanned. These are generally much earlier than the other two boxes; they appear to precede the married couples seen in the previous boxes. The people seen in the other 'albums' appear to be teen-agers, of the same era and earlier as the 'troublemaker' photos in the Red Album. The negatives, including across albums, appear to be in reverse chronological order.

Also, appearing in these photos is Revere, Minnesota, a small town in west-southwest Minnesota, around 50 to 100 miles southeast of where the later photos originate.

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Modeling dress with sash
Women in town
Couple dressed up
Dressed in work clothes
Brother and sister
Nicely dressed, straw hat
Girls and gas pump
Girl by hollyhocks
Girl on street, Revere MN
Woman standing in garden
Sitting by stove
Sitting in garden
Family Photo
Family Photo
Boy wearing cap.
Wrestling (blurry)
Girl standing by wall
Family photo
Farmer and wife
Woman on street
Woman on street
Changing care tire
Baby on chair
Baby on chair
Baby in flowers
Older couple
Poorly exposed photo
Modeling a dress
Group of siblings
Woman holding feathers
Easter Egg Hunt
Family photo
Family photo
Woman and aunt
Girls posing in yard.
Revere, MN