Victorian Ladies Gone Wild - Helene's Girlfriends

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I'm not sure who "Helene", the zaftig subject of most of these photos, is -- but she and her lady-friends know how to have some fun. Compared to the cabinet photos of the period, these are surprisingly candid and friendly, and were clearly taken on "lady's outings," informal time spent with her friends.

Helene, Grandma, Irene, Anna, and Mother Dear
Mrs Pfeiffer, Mother Dear, Helene, 1917.

Mrs. Pfeiffer, Mother, and Helene, undated.
Helene, Ruthie Barton, Mother Dear, 1916.

Minnesota City Picnic, 1916.
Minnesota City Picnic, Photo on bridge, 1916.
Helene at the lakeshore, 1915.
Haydn Brachlow and Helene, 1916.
Unknown visitors, 1916.
Sunday school girls, undated
Mother Dear, Mrs. Faucher, Helene, and Lucile Faucher, 1916.
"Mother Dear" in her Garden, 1915.
Helene & Mrs. Faucher in blackface, 1916.
Helene, in Mother Dear's flower garden, 1916.
Helene, 1916.
Helene, waiting for Marie, 1916.
Helene, 1916.