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A writer for The Science Program.

Profile From the Science Service

William J Cromis is a former sailor, explorer, and scientist turned free-lance writer. He ran away to sea at age 15 and eventually became a ship's officer. During the International Geophysical Year, Mr. Cromie explored parts of Antarctica never before seen by man, and a mountain 200 miles from the South Pole has been named after him. He has floated around the Arctic Ocean doing scientific research from a ten-foot-thick piece of ice and has also explored and visited volcanoes in Antarctica, New Zealand, Japan, and Hawaii. Mr. Cromie has written feature articles for many New York newspapers and popular science magazines. He is the author of a book on oceanography entitled Exploring the Secrets of the Sea. Mr. Cromie is now working in Houston, Texas with Project Mohole -- the scheme to bore through the Earth's crust, right down to the mantle.[1]

Publisher's Biography

William J. Cromie is author of Exploring the Secrets of the Sea and Why the Mohole. In addition to his books, he has written articles for The Reader's Digest, Natural History, and Life Magazine's Nature Series. Mr. Cromie lives in Houston, Texas, and works as a scientific consultant and writer for an international science news and feature syndicate.[2]

Science Program Books by William J Cromie