Grand Forks Press Photo Sampler, 1940s-1950s

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This short archive was acquired at some auction in 2008. They appear to be reference photos for sale; the backs of some have notes, negative numbers, and cryptic codes written in by hand, and they are 3-hole-punched down the left edge, which would lead me to believe they were intended to be sold to newspapers. Most are related to the 1950 Red River Flood, and the flood photos appear to have been taken in the Lincoln Drive neighborhood, which was razed in 1997 after the last destructive flood.


Native American costumes, 1949.
Dog on doghouse, 1950.
Two houses inundated, 1950.
317 Euclid Ave, 1950.
Flooded home, 1950.
Polk Street, Lincoln Drive Neighborhood, 1950.
Flooded Highway 81, 1950.
Building fire, 1948.