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Roberts Street Chaplet Project - Sign.jpg
The Roberts Street Chaplet Project is one which mixes design, art, and religious philosophy, producing small, mobile "chaplets" for personal discovery and internal contemplation. Local architects designed each small, portable building, to "inspire, comfort, and delight"[1]. and Schlossman provided art in each one. The chaplets visited Fargo in the summer of 2007.

We ran across them entirely by accident; our two youngest children both received cameras for their birthdays, so on an early Sunday morning we took a "walkabout" around downtown Fargo photographing whatever we could find that looked interesting. On the mall between the civic center, city hall, and renovating library, we found the Roberts Street Chaplet Projects.

Sign identifying the project.
Joel Davy, JLG Architects
Richard Moorhead

Julie Rokke, YHR Partners
Stahl Architects
Robert J Burns

Jeff Foss

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  1. "PRAIRIE panorama: Art and architect", Prairie Business Magazine, 9/1/2006.
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