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This is the second box I found -- It doesn't appear to follow chronologically, in that there's several photos of a Kaiser Frazer (there was a dealership in Ada, according to Grandpa Vernon), which places these photos in the early 1950s. This box has a lot of poorly-exposed negatives.

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Group of children
A farmstead
Horse in snow
A father and daughter
Father and daughter
Smiling with eyes closed
Hired men
Hired men
Husband and wife
Boy and girl on swing
Girl on tree swing
Windy pose
Junk truck
Family photo
Red Comet wagon
Red Comet wagon
Girls holding baby
View at front door
Girl and goat
Baby on edge
Resting on running board
Goofing for camera
Fun and shenanigans
Storm damage
Storm damage
Repairing storm damage
Woman in winter coat
Winter family photo
Boy in winter
Girl by pine tree
Girl in dress
Winter family photo
Family in shade
Boy and baby carriage
Baby in buggy
Portrait of woman
Horse nursing
Building a shed
Buy and Grandpa
Man holding baby
Girl with no shoes
Sitting on bumper
Girl with '47 Kaiser
Man with '47 Kaiser
Family by '47 Kaiser
Grandpa sitting
Woman posing in chair
Loading hay loft
Massey-Harris 44
Massey-Harris 44
Massey-Harris 44
Overexposed photo
Barn, 1922
Urban brick building
Massey and truck
House and evergreens
House and evergreens
Overexposed photo
Front porch
Dog at fence
Girl with ball
Valvoline sign
Ghostly girl 2.jpg
Girl in pearls.jpg
Girl in pearls 2.jpg
Cattle at haypile
Grandpa goofing off
Beaded front dress
Smug guy.jpg
Kid on bike.jpg
Girl modeling dress - blurry closeup.jpg
Girl modeling dress - white sash.jpg
boy with injured thumb
Double exposure
Grandpa and ma.jpg
Group, girl holding kid.jpg
Girl, hand-beaded necklace.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 7.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 6.jpg
Woman with glasses and husband.jpg
Girl in glasses, dark beaded necklace.jpg
A group of troublemakers.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 2.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 5.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 4.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 9.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 8.jpg
A group of troublemakers - 3.jpg
Dad by a pine tree.jpg
Grandpa, much older
Grandpa, much older
Group digging in snow
woman in babushka
Dressed for winter
Dressed for winter
Dad - tie blowing away.jpg
Boy dressed for work
Boy dressed for work
Dad dressed up, no coat.jpg
Grandpa and ma - much older.jpg
Dad - tie not blowing away.jpg
Mom and son by pine tree.jpg
Dad dressed up, coat.jpg
Ma, posing.jpg
Girl modeling dress - double exposure.jpg

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