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VPXL is an herbal remedy believed to cure the curse of a small penis. This product is offered by both email and blog spammers, directing users to sites that contain javascript redirects

A VPXL spam graphic

and could potentially infect computers with viruses[1]. VPXL is rumoured, according to anti-spam websites, to be either a renamed version of, or descendant of, Herbal Elite penile enlarger[2]. It may be related to, or identical to, other herbal male supplements such as Spur-M, Wondercum, ManXL, Manster, Megadik, Elite Herbal, and Herbal King[3]. In January 2008, VPXL accounted for 75% of all pharmaceutical spam.[4] Most of the websites selling it are located overseas, in countries with weak customer-protection laws and difficult extradiction.[5]

VPXL spam emails recently contained the humorous subject line, Safe enlargement of trouser mice, implying that the recipient has not only one small penis, but several by use of the plural. In March 2008, VPXL spam made reference to the "kangaroo pounder," believed to be an Australian metaphor for the penis.

A VPXL spam graphic

Important Note

Herbal remedies -- or any remedies, for that matter -- should be discussed and recommended by a doctor; self-diagnosis and self-medication should never be attempted by somebody who thinks buying a product found in a spam email is a good idea.


  1. Although unproven directly, as I'm not wiling to risk my computer, the mode of operation is common. If the manufacturer or distributor of this product is willing to show me that they are not infecting computers, I will recant this position.
  2. see: Hmm - this may be a metasis rather than a change of name - if you ask an Herbal Elite or Express Herbals or whatever server/proxy for an invalid domain you get a 3inchesmore.com URL. .
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