Zeiss-Ikon Utopica Dual Movie-Still Camera

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The Utopica

This camera was a prototype,a theoretical "Camera of the Future" concept. The Utopica was a dual-mode camera, able to both film motion, on 16mm film, or shoot still photographs. It appears to also use a Polaroid-like instant developing process for photos. It was featured in a short article on page 122 of the April 1968 issue of Mechanix Illustrated.

Mechanix Illustrated Article

Numbers refer to the diagram above - Enlarge

Have you ever wondered what your camera will look like in the next millenium? Well, here is what Fritz Costabel, a Zeiss Ikon camera designer of West Germany, came up with. It is a combination movie and still camera. It's a way out design as you can see from the picture and drawing. Nos. 1 and 2 are the components for taking movies and the 16mm film cartridge. Nos. 3 and 5 are the cartridge and holder for taking still pictures. No. 4 is just a cover.

Look closely and you will see the keys for operating the numerous controls of the camera at No. 6. A motor (No. 7) operates the movie-baing part of the camera. It even has a built-in developer when taking still s(No. 8)! A compartment in the handle (No. 12) is used to store color or black-and-white film (No. 9). The batteries for operating the motor are located at No. 10 and of course No. 11 is the shutter release. As you can readily see, the simpler the camera becomes for the user, the more complicated its innards become. The cost? We don't know, but, look for it at your friendly discount store in the year 2001!