The Rusk Auto-House, 1915

One of the things my Wifey likes about me is that I geek out over weird things.  A few summers ago, while we were cruising rummage sales around Fargo, I started to geek out over a small building in an alley in the older section of town.  Yes, I’m a garage nerd, but for one particular one: The Rusk Auto-House was a solution to the fact that houses built before automobiles were common weren’t built with garages, or even planning on a garage on the property.   Fargo Cornice had the machinery and the know-how to build almost anything out of pressed steel.  In the early 1900s they saw this new market made up of  new car owners, and the Rusk Auto-House filled their need for automobile storage.   Amazingly, many still survive, still in the back yards of hundred-year-old houses.  One was once on the Register of Historic Places, and I’ve got photos of a couple more I’ve run across since I first posted the Auto-House page here; and, I didn’t even know there was a restored one over in North Fargo!  The advertisement above was a 1/2 page ad that appeared in the Fargo Forum in 1915, while an auto show was going on in town.  $139 in 1914 dollars is about $3,200 in 2013 dollars — and that’s about what it’ll cost you to get a steel garage today.

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  1. Bob Woodburn says:

    I bought one of these that was on eBay about 8 or 9 years ago in the Fargo area. I went there, disassembled it, brought it back and stored it in north eastern Montana. I will consider selling it if you know of anyone who might be interested. I have at least 50 photos I took of it before taking it apart for moving and storage. Thanks a lot, Bob Woodburn – phone 406-799-1847 in Bozeman Montana

  2. Bob Woodburn says:

    I forgot to mention that I believe my garage came from Enderlin North Dakota. Thanks again, Bob Woodburn – phone 406-799-1847 in Bozeman Montana

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