122 22nd Street South (Cement Dome House), Fargo ND

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View of 122 22nd St S, from space.

This interesting house, located at the corner of 22nd Street and 2nd Avenue South in Fargo, ND, is constructed from a full-round dome on the north half, 1/2 of a dome on the south half, with a small rectangular section connecting the two. A deck occupies the central-front part of the house, between the two domes.

As of October 2007, the house was for sale; interested parties could call 701-297-0564 according to a sign on the front of the house. According to the most recent tax appraisal, the house and land is worth $38,900. Total floorspace is 1,200 square feet, comparable to a two-bedroom apartment or basementless rambler. The owner is listed as Northern Capital Trust (the last-ever renting tenant of the PML building), now a part of the State Bank System, which would indicate that the house is now a rental property.[1]

View of North Side
View of South Side


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