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The Science Program was published by Nelson Doubleday, Inc., with the help of the Science Service. These books, called 'albums,' were sold as a subscription service and delivered monthly. The books themselves were printed in two colors, but gummed sticker full-color photos were distributed with each book, numbered according to blanks found within the book, to be applied by the reader.

As best as I can gauge without specifics, the Science Program began in the late 1950s, and continued into the 1970s. The internal contents of the books varied little, although addendums and corrections were often stapled into the booklet's center along with the image stickers.


Space Flight promo


Earth, by Ernst Behrendt
Magnets and Magnetism, by Warren Burkett
Universe, by Roy A Gallant
Petroleum, by Ernst Behrendt
Space Flight Communications, by Lt. Walter Ryland
Oceans, by Ernst Behrendt
Atomic Power, by Joseph L Dean
Submarines, by William P St Lawrence
Medical Discoveries, by Herbert Goldberg
Ships, by Michael Blow
Maps & Mapping, by Ben Butterfield
Rockets, by Willy Ley
Volcanoes, by William Cromie
Sound and Hearing, by J Gordon Holt
Gravity, by Ben Patrusky
Navigation, by Peter Viemeister
Cape Canaveral, by Lt. Walter Ryland
Earthquakes, by Wm. Cromie
Weather, by Roy A Gallant
Air Traffic Control, by Ben Butterfield
Sand and Glass, by C.D.T. Baker-Carr.
Crime Detection, by Denis Brian.
Riches of the Animal World, Christine Ammer.
Fire, by Willy Ley.
Radio & Radar Astronomy, Colin A Ronan.
Satellites, by M. Blow and LB Taylor Jr.
Space Exploration USA, by Lt. Walter Ryland and LB Taylor Jr.
Clocks and Watches, by Colin A Ronan.
An Approach to Photography, by Charles L Sherman.


A greeting letter from the Science Program, thanking the subscriber for joining, touting the benefits of the program, and outlining the subscription process after the introductory offer.
Membership Card, Intact
Science Program membership card, at left, intact with perforated 'surround' as would have originally been delivered. Below, the card's back.
Membership Card, Back