J. D. Muldowney and Bro’s Kitty Chorus

It’s sad when something doesn’t come up in Google whatsoever. J. D. Muldowney & Bro. – nothing. Neither address brings anything up. 164 Main looks like a parking lot now on Google Maps, but 373 could still be an old building. Not even the illustrator, J. H. Ives, shows up in search results. So, this little advertising card holds a bunch of mysterious info, guarded by a chorus of partially-anthropomorphized kitties. It’s printed on a stiff card, not as thick as a postcard but thicker than paper, and it looks like it may have been gummed.

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This morning at the Carlisle Army War College Thrift Shop, I purchased a framed picture, or what I thought was a picture. When I got home I noticed it was actually a series of pictures. When I took it out of the frame, I found it to be 4 cards that portray what I would call a cartoon. The name on the bottom: J. H. Ives. Whilst trying to look him up on Google, I was having no luck until, I found your post. Just thought I would confirm the difficulty encountered when looking for similar information.

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