Revere, Minnesota, 1920

Welcome to Revere, Minnesota. Walnut Grove, where some of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books were set, is the largest town to the west, and Lamberton is the larger town to the east. All these towns are connected by US Highway 14, but the railroad was once the main way to get from here to there. Only a couple miles separate these towns, with Walnut Grove and Lamberton being larger, and Revere becoming a stopping point between the two.

During the early 1920s, however, the family of one of the residents took a bunch of photos. The photos come from the large lot of negatives I purchased last year. The people are in their twenties and thirties in the negatives I’ve scanned before, and in these photos they seem to be in their teens. I can’t quite tell if they were visiting Revere, or if they had lived in Revere during their youth. Anyhow, the photographer in the family took lots of pictures, capturing quite a bit of Revere’s downtown area.

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The building with a staircase going up to the second floor on the outside was a saloon. It has been bought and sold by several people. It went from Saloon, To a large restaurant, to a topless bar, to being shut down, and has just opened a couple of weeks ago to once again be a bar and a restaurant. On the side of the bar near the stairs, used to be a hotel. but it is now a privately owned home. The other buildings have been taken down.

Thanks for the info — It’s too bad only one of the buildings is still around…did you look at the other images in the set? The bank, railroad depot, etc., are all pictured as well.

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