John Deere 820, 1960s

The John Deere 820 was, by some accounts, manufactured in the late 1950s, although some for sale say they were made in the 1970s. Known for its large-displacement 2-cylinder motor with excellent gear ratio, the 820 has been popular in tractor-pull events due to its inability to stall. This photo was the tail-end of a […]

Studebaker Municipal Vehicles, 1962.

The 1962 Studebaker Lark had all sorts of features that a city would want in a fleet vehicle: the compact Lark was redesigned for 1962, with a 5″ longer frame and a 109″ wheelbase, and their “police-built” engines came in 112 and 225HP versions on ‘regular’ gasoline. Studebakers had been operating as police cars for […]

Ed Nelson, WNAX, 1964.

Ed Nelson had only worked for WNAX in Yankton, SD, for a couple years before he was hosting the morning news-and-music show, The Five State Parade, for ‘mid-morning relaxation’. You know that you’re listening to a farmer-focused radio station when 9:10am is ‘mid-morning’. Anyhow, Nelson stays with WNAX for another twenty years or so, retiring […]

Climate Map of North America, N.D.-Centric, 1929.

Saying “North Dakota is the center of North America” is a factual truth; just outside Rugby N.D. is a monument to that fact. What’s more remarkable is the interpretive turn: the map paints North Dakota as the baby bear’s porridge of our continent. West is Too Dry, north is Too Cold, east is Too Wet, […]

The Linotype Machine, 1915.

Above is the proto-blogger: a Linotype compositor. From the days of Gutenberg, publishing had been completed by assembling tiny chunks of metal with embossed letters on the top edge. The Linotype machine simplified the process by casting those metal letters in entire lines at a time, by means of a keyboard, ready to go to […]