Studebaker Municipal Vehicles, 1962.

The 1962 Studebaker Lark had all sorts of features that a city would want in a fleet vehicle: the compact Lark was redesigned for 1962, with a 5″ longer frame and a 109″ wheelbase, and their “police-built” engines came in 112 and 225HP versions on ‘regular’ gasoline. Studebakers had been operating as police cars for […]

Travelling By Corvair

America’s only car with an airplane-type horizontal engine! America’s only car with an independent suspension at all 4 wheels! America’s only car with an air-cooled aluminum engine! This ad for Chevrolet’s Corvair from 1959 shows just how advanced the little car was — largely inspired by the Volkswagen, the Corvair put an ample air-cooled engine […]

Changing A Model T Tube

What we see here is the hindquarters of a mid-1920s Model T Sedan. The first clue is the license plate, issued in 1927, but the dented-up body would indicate that the car isn’t right off the showroom floor. Aside from the year, it’s pretty clearly the Ford T Sedan: the fabric top, the under-scooping back […]

4H IH Scout

The float aside, that bright red truck is the focus here (also seen here, and here) The owner of this truck was a forward thinker: the shiny, new truck seen here was from the first year International Harvester made the Scout, its answer to the Jeep. At the time, tractor manufacturers weren’t specifically tractor manufacturers: […]