Father and Daughters, 1890s.

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Father and two daughters, 1890s.

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2 Responses to “Father and Daughters, 1890s.”

  1. somethingone says:

    I love your blog! The photos you have are inspirational for me – I make (as a hobby) historical doll clothes.

    I was curious on this one – do you have documentation that they are both girls? I kind of wonder if the one on the righ, without hte hairbow, is a bow.

  2. Azrael Brown says:

    The one on the right could certainly be a boy, I have no documentation either way – upon closer inspection, you’re right, the lack of a bow and possibly the hairstyle itself both have a more boyish quality, and in that time the baby clothes were certainly unisex and ‘girly’ by our standards. I get photos like this one at antique shops and auctions, with little or no information, so I make guesses most of the time as to what’s in the picture. I’m pleased when discussions break out over whether I’m right or not about what I see :) Thanks for reading, and, trust me, there’ll be more ‘people’ photos in the future!

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