The Mysterious Talking Board Ouija! 1930.

“Many scientists claim that the “Ouija board” answers questions through personal magnetism. Spiritualists claim that invisible spirits guide its movements and an unknown power of superior intelligence rules our future,” claims this 1930 advertisement for the Ouija board. Unsure how to pronounce the pormanteau title? The article alternatively refers to it as the “wee gee” […]

Beauty In A Bottle

We will get into the Model Publishing Company’s romantic inclinations later, when we get further into the books, but towards the front Model starts with their beautification products. On the left, above, is “No-Kink,” a hair straightening product, and on the right is “Modelle-Creme,” a skin whitener. “Don’t let falling hair and baldness ruin your […]

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

The 6th and Seventh Books of Moses, or Moses’ Magical Spirit-Art, Volume 1, sold by Model, is only the first 64 pages of the book linked at Google, but includes the important stuff: the seals. While the book is very likely created in the 1800s by the original ‘translator,’ compiled from a variety of sources, […]

The Wonder Instrument Of The Age

While Model Publishing Company had their bundles, they did include a number of useful tools for the prospector — tools actually identified in the books as things to bring while prospecting. Despite the examination of small objects required for prospecting, distance-viewing has a inordinate emphasis here: a ‘pocketscope’ (a small telescope), a 3-foot telescope, and […]

Discount Prospecting Kits

Model Publishing Company devotes several pages to discount collections of different combinations of the prospecting products they offer. Each kit includes a book, a scientific accessory of some sort, a tool of some sort, and something magnetic. The kit, above, is probably the least useful of the kits, but most telling of the rest of […]

Prospectors and Underground Treasures

Once we’ve gotten past the dip compasses, the next two pages are the most important (at least according to this catalog) books for any prospector to have. And, thanks to the advances in modern technology, both books have been scanned (one by Microsoft, the other by Google), so if you’ve got a dip needle and […]

The Dip Needle

For a description of this wonderful, “NEW IMPROVED” instrument, see the next page — although it will tell you what’s so great about this particular dip needle, it doesn’t really say how to use it (although, if you buy it, they will send instructions with). Dip needles are essentially a compass, but mounted sideways; instead […]

The Model Publishing Company Catalog

My wife and I lucked out when visiting a local antique shop. The proprietor, who knows us pretty well, let us in on a secret: he just got in a bunch of paper and ephemera at an auction, and although he hadn’t priced it yet we could pick through it if we liked. We pulled […]