The Mysterious Talking Board Ouija! 1930.

“Many scientists claim that the “Ouija board” answers questions through personal magnetism. Spiritualists claim that invisible spirits guide its movements and an unknown power of superior intelligence rules our future,” claims this 1930 advertisement for the Ouija board. Unsure how to pronounce the pormanteau title? The article alternatively refers to it as the “wee gee” […]

Mediumship and The Afterlife

Two books from Model Publishing Company: Genuine Mediumship, or The Invisible PowersWritten by Swami Bhatka Vishita, Genuine Mediumship is a basic textbook for becoming the stereotypical gypsy fortune-teller, but with a Hinduistic slant. The Swami himself did little more than write this book…although William Walker Atkinson was far more productive. The honorable Hindoo Swami credited […]