Insurance Geek

For several years, I was a licensed insurance agent, working for Lincoln Mutual and Pioneer Mutual, helping insurance agents sell group life and health insurance. I had a vague idea of it, but it wasn’t until later I found out that Pioneer Mutual was the last real offshoot of the very first modern life insurance company ever, the Ancient Order of United Workmen. I found insurance quite interesting, as a product and a business, even if the clerical stuff bored me to death.

So, yes, I do realize that you, and the majority of the world out there, don’t really find the history of modern insurance all that exciting. The reason for the Infomercantile’s existence, however, is to create resources online for those people who do. If I can’t find anything about it online, I make a page. If I’m Googling, somebody else might be, too. I’ve got information — not the most valuable information — but it’s useful to somebody, I’m sure.

Oh, and that lady, up and to the right? She’s from the cover of a Lincoln Mutual booklet — she’s so excited about insurance, she had an aneurysm and collapsed in a heap. That’s dedication to insurance, right there.

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