Scenic California

I know I’ve been picking on North Dakota for its scenic vastness, but is this so much better? Back in the 1960s, California was so proud of its freeway system that — like Arizona with its Grand Canyon, South Dakota with its Mount Rushmore, New York with its Niagara Falls — they released a set of collectible slides documenting the Los Angeles Freeway System. MARVEL at the expanses of concrete and pavement! SMELL the pollution wafting up from the vehicles! CRINGE IN TERROR at how close those two cars are in the third lane from the left! Oh, I kid — unlike where I live, you can actually see some hills off towards the horizon. Between here and there, however, is a concrete jungle. I still prefer here.

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Up here in Massachusetts, clearing out an old house I found a small pink Souvenir Ticket,/ Identification check from "Chinatown after dark" leaving daily at 8:00P.M. 2 1/2 hour tour.
Loading Depot-44 fourth street
(Snata fe Passenger Terminal" sponsored by "the gray line"
Main Office: 425 Fourth st. San Francisco Phone: YUkon 6-4000
TOUR No.3 ticket N0. 75910
on the other side of the ticket it acts as a post card with one side for writing -and the othe rfor the sending address and a place for a "1 cent stamp"
The Face of the card has actual chinese script written in pencil
I was excited to find something written about this ticket I had found- Due to it being so old, and in spectacular shape.
Thanks for the Information you Posted explaining this Gray Line tour.

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