Forests, Deserts, and Prairies, 1910s.

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From The Children's Encyclopedia, published in the 1910s, and designed by "G.F. Morrell". This illustrated map, ignoring political boundaries and man-made roads or railways, is pieced together from several smaller maps, depicting the various environments of the world. The caption of the maps engages in some scare-mongering, comparing the expanding deserts as proof our planet is moving towards being as arid as the moon, but it also describes deforestation as "a disastrous thing for a country," recognizing that removal of trees and grasses can result in loss of topsoil and a collapse of the food-creating industries.

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The Beautiful Land of Sound, 1900s.

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An illustration of "The Beautiful Land of Sound", from the Children's Encyclopedia, 1900s. The Encyclopedia used a theme of fairies and goblins in its music education sections.

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