Women, Car, Dog, 1930s.

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Two women chatting by a car parked in the weeds, with a trusty dog at their feet, 1930s. From this set.

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Swimming Under The Bridge, 1930s.

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I'm not sure why: I've seen lots of pictures of people swimming, hanging out beneath a bridge. I figure it is to stay out of the sun, but it could also have to do with the ground being built up and cleared for the bridge, which makes a functional beach. This lady and her dog are cooling off in the river. 1930s.

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Girl And Puppy, 1930s.

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Baby and curly-haired white pupply, probably a bischon frise. Appears 1930s, from this set.

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Dalmatian and Woman, 1950s.

Woman sitting on a bench, in a yard, with a dog that looks somewhat like a dalmatian, or a setter of some sort; probably a mutt. Appears 1950s.

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Puppy and bucket, 1920s.

Woman, Baby, Dog, 1950s.

Woman, child, and dog resting on a blanket, on a grass lawn. Appears 1950s.

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Riding The Dog, 1930s.

Baby, appearing to ride a dog, with the help of an older man in farming clothes. Appears 1930s.

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Family Photo, With Retriever, 1961

It's always hard to get the dog to look at the camera; more difficult, it seems, than to center the photo. Dated by photolab, August 1961.

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