Riding The Dog, 1930s.

Baby, appearing to ride a dog, with the help of an older man in farming clothes. Appears 1930s.

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Accident In Process, 1950s

1950s photo; grandpa is going for a bike ride, oblivious to the broken arm about to happen just to his left.

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Sittin' on Grandpa

On a hot summer day, sittin' on grandpa is the funnest thing for a pixie-cut girl to do. This photo hails from the late 1930s in rural Minnesota, and is the kind of candid real-life photo you hope to see out of dozens of posed, dour pictures of family members. It's also a part of the farm photos don't usually get taken at --nobody poses in front of the junk pile for a family picture. The jungle-gym is clearly Grandpa: he looks much the same in nearly every photo, up until the 50s. The guy sitting up, I'm unsure who he might be, possibly a hired hand. As a farm kid, I remember those summer days -- "I'm bored; I should go bother Grandpa for a while." Turns out, Grandpas usually spend all day hoping the grandkids stop by to interrupt his work.

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