Man In Driving Gear, 1900s.

Man in fur-collared, double-breasted driving coat, driving cap, with a pair of gloves in his hands. Appears 1900s. Photo by C.M. Howe, Erskine, MN.

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Carte De Viste, Two Gentlemen Of Stavanger

Two gentlemen, dressed nicely and seated across from one another. Photographed in Stavanger, Norway by S. Kristianssand. Appears late 19th century.

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Walking Stick and Bowler, 1910s

Gentleman with bowler hat, cabinet photo, appears 1910s.

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Three Gents in Snappy Hats

What's these guys' stories? Sometime in the 1910s, maybe twenties, three lads got together for a group shot -- and it must've been important that they be wearing hats. The style of hat is called a 'newsboy', 'Gatsby' hat, or driving cap, and was popular with the trendy kids of the early 20th century. The button-close breast pockets on the two gents on the right has a very military feel to it, and echoes the late 19th century. The lad on the left shops at a different tailor: sans vest, modern shirtcollar, his collar is lower, wider below the collar on the notched lapel, and is missing the breast pockets. Maybe he's older, and doesn't rely on Mom to do his clothes-shopping. Any which way, they're a sharp looking group of guys.

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