Twin Elm Farm, 1938.

Cross-Country Skiing Boys, 1910s.

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Two boys, dressed lederhosen, cross-country skiing in the mountains; appears 1910s.

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Two Girls, Main Street. 1920s.

Two young women standing on a sidewalk in a small rural Minnesota town, probably Revere, MN. The gas pump behind them reads, "Daniel's Independent Gasoline."

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Sheep in Snowy Barnyard, 1930s.

Snowy Driveway Family Photo, 1930s.

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Family group posing for a photo in a snowy driveway. Appears 1930s.

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Prize Composition Studies, 1917.

Student-submitted photos, from The Rotary, February 1917.

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Changing the Tire, 1940s.

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Changing a tire on a snowy mountain road. Appears 1940s.

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St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1914.

St Moritz remains a "cradle of winter tourism," as it was nearly a century ago. According to the caption, St Moritz "is one of several swiss towns that make a business of furnishing every sort of winter diversion for the tourists who come from far and near to skate, ski, sled, and then enjoy steaming meals and evenings by the crackling fire." From the encyclopedia "Our Wonderful World".

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Man In Driving Gear, 1900s.

Man in fur-collared, double-breasted driving coat, driving cap, with a pair of gloves in his hands. Appears 1900s. Photo by C.M. Howe, Erskine, MN.

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Plains Farmstead In Winter, 1920s.

A plains farmstead in the middle of winter, Model T parked outside. 1920s.

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Horses Pulling Cart, 1930s

Pair of horses pulling a steel-wheeled cart in winter; appears 1930s.

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Car Parked In The Snow, 1930s

Car parked in the snow, appears 1930s.

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Three Musgaters

"Three Musgaters" (sic, I believe "Musketeer" was their intent), late 1930s. Scanned from photograph. (more here)

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